zoom and lockdown
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Zoom’s Growth During Lockdown

In March earlier this year, most of the world was placed on lockdown. The fears of a pandemic causing major disruptions to our daily lives was beginning to come true. A virus that was first recorded in China had spread to other countries. As the world went into lockdown, comparisons of the pandemic to “the …

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internships and graduate jobs
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Preparing to apply for internships and graduate jobs

Searching for internships, placements or graduate roles can be a daunting, fearful and challenging task and sometimes, you will feel like giving up after facing rejections and other times, you will have the confidence that you will get it. There may be some rejections at first but remember, the light bulb was not invented at the first try, so pause, reflect, learn from the rejections and try again; this time, better.

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When you walk past people on the street from all walks of life, what do you think? Nothing. Some might say which is fair enough. Let’s change the question. What do you think about your neighbor, your friends, family or the people you meet daily who might be the cashier at the corner shop or …

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