Who Am I?

I am a Software Engineer with core interests in technology, finance and politics. Gaining experience working on multiple projects that are released and having an impact on peoples lives. My aim as a Software engineer is to inspire others who may also be interested in technology and if possible, point them to the right direction through this site. 

My interests are not solely in fin-tech, I am also very interested in community development and contributing to society to the best of my ability and to give back by volunteering for different opportunities which also enables me to develop my skills in things I am passionate about such as writing. I believe I can use this to help students and others in the community around me.

How Can I help?

I hope to help you as much as I can. This involves sharing vital basic information that are otherwise not taught in schools, such as how politics affects industries, how to budget and manage your finances, build and maintain good credit, I will also be sharing helpful tips on revision, time management and goal setting. These are tips I adopted at university and after I graduated which helped me achieve and maintain a first-class grade throughout my degree whilst also taking part in many other social activities, working and having fun. I feel this will be helpful to current students, many of the tips will be based on questions I get on my Instagram page and I hope this brings all the information to one place and makes it easier to access.

This is also a medium through which you can reach out if you need help with deciding if you need a website for your small business, a personal website or any other advice relating to creating your website.

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Freelance & Consulting

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“The best thing in life to do is not to regret and try to change what happened, but to interpret it properly, maxmize and use it to serve other people. That’s what I want to do with my past.”
Dr Myles Munroe
Evangelist, Author

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